Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Application and Precaution of High Speed Diesel (HSD) Fuel

Application and Precaution of High Speed Diesel (HSD) Fuel

For self-ignition compression diesel engine. Diesel is a high cetane index fuel designed for use in low and high speed self-ignition compression engines to provide efficient, dependable and smooth operation. It has the proper viscosity suitable for critical fuel injection systems to provide maximum protection against wear and leakage. Also suitable for industrial purpose especially for direct burning i.e. boiler, furnace, dryer, etc.

May release Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) gas which may be fatal if inhaled. Combustible Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) gas may cause irritation to eyes. Prolonged or repeated skin contact may be harmful. If swallowed, DO NOT induce vomiting. May cause chemical pneumonitis.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Shell Fuel supplies PLN

Shell Fuel supplies PLN

PT Shell Indonesia conduct cooperation with the operation of PT Kutilang Paksi Mas to supply fuel oil to PT PLN (Persero).

Fuel to meet the needs of Power Gas Power Steam Grati, Pasuruan, and Belawan for three years.

Contract buy-sell type of fuel oil diesel (high speed diesel / HSD) is worth Rp 18.4 trillion. The amount of Rp 13 trillion for the Grati and Rp 5.4 trillion to Belawan.

According to PLN President Director Fahmi Mochtar, the purchase of fuel from the private sector was the first conducted. Previously, the supply of fuel for the generator from Pertamnia.

Purchase fuel from the Shell, said Fahmi save fuel cost Rp 750 billion PLN. Expenditures for fuel for plants to reach 70 percent of the total cost of primary energy.

Based on the work plan and budget company, the needs of diesel oil in this year to reach 6 million per year kiloliter. Meanwhile, fuel oil of 3 million kilo liters of Pertamina.

Fahmi said at this time the cost of primary energy PLN Rp 83 trillion. The income from electricity sales Rp 75 trillion. The government has agreed with parleman electricity subsidies contribute to Rp 60.3 trillion.

President Director of Shell Australia Darwin Silalahi said fuel supply began to go in May-June.

Fuel, and he said, comes from factory in Singapore, regional, and Asia.

Source: Koran Tempo, 11 April 2008

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shell Fuel distributed in Indonesia

high speed diesel solarShell distributes fuel in Indonesia
Wed, 02/18/2004 3:45 PM The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources issued licenses to Shell's PT Krida Petragraha, PT Sigma Rancang Perdana, PT Pandu Selaras, PT Elnusa Petrofin, PT Elnusa Harapan and PT Raven Sejahtera to distribute fuel in Indonesia.

"In principle, the directorate general of oil and gas (at the ministry) has given the licenses," Tubagus Haryono, The head of the downstream oil and gas supervisory body Migas.

Since the introduction of a new oil and gas law in 2001, the private sector is allowed to distribute fuel products in Indonesia, a move that ended the decades long monopoly of state oil and gas firm PT Pertamina.

Shell's PT Krida Petragraha and others were expected to start their operations after a government regulation on the oil and gas downstream sector was issued.
The regulation on the downstream sector was still in the process of being completed. Under the regulation, the new players would be allowed to import fuel or purchase it from Pertamina. But the regulation will require the companies to set up stockpile facilities here.

It is expected the entry of new players in the domestic fuel distribution business could begin earlier than the 2005 target.